Saturday, October 6, 2012

Collapse of Education System Will Not Happen

Until recently I thought the CCSS implementation and assessments would speed up the collapse of our education system.  Now, I don’t think so.  A collapse won’t be allowed to happen.  Our K-12 system has been discovered as a perpetual lucrative market by investors and corporations.  Private corporations, wealthy individuals, foundations, and non-government organizations have worked hard with our government to create and open up this market.  If they really provide viable solutions they will see this wonderful market no longer in need of their goods and services so they will not allow that to happen.  If we continue to pump more and more money into education it will be good for the economy and it will help these investors and corporations grow and prosper.  The academic success of our students is detrimental to this business model.

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Thomas Ho said...

Eisenhower warned us about the 'military-industrial complex' and we didn't heed his warning so I doubt we'll heed any warnings about the 'education-reform conspiracy' which I suggest we "exploit" just as those you accuse of already doing so. Unlike the day in which Ike issued his warning, we have many more "weapons" at our disposal. Here is one suggestion:

how we might use them!